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so i have new products, yah!!!

holidays are awesome! i have been spending all my time in my workshop and studio and i think its really paying off! i have just added new products to the website including yummy cheese platters, candles that have made my whole house smell amazing (i could spend forever making candles) and i even made some beautiful candle bases from camphor laurel that look amazing and bring a little nature inside. i love working with wood and love love love the best moment - when you put the first coat of grapeseed oil or varnish on and the wood really reveals itself - its like magic!

im thinking that the candles would make perfect valentines pressies if you havent bought anything already!

anyway it was an amazing day of painting today.... everything just flowed - check out insta, ive overloaded it with all the new work. so fulfilling! who needs drugs when you can paint???

thats it for today - hope you are all well and happy, maggie

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