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Its been a while!

Wow what a ride since I last posted! I must admit I never really got into the blog thing but these days I think its probably a great way to keep in touch with everyone and also to keep you all updated with workshops and events!

So where to begin.... I opened the gallery at 41 Tompson Street on 27th May 2021 and since then its been flat out. I have run a heap of different workshops and met so many amazing people. Although we are currently in lockdown I am still painting (acrylic in the gallery and oils at home!) so im still getting my creative on! I am also planning what workshops will happen when we reopen. Im thinking by then everyone will need to get creative.

Anyway just a quick hello - if you have ideas for workshops that you might want to do flick me a message (I am definitely planning more florals and mixed media). Ooh and I have a few spots left for commissions if you want something original for your space.

Stay safe everyone, Maggie x

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